Meet Our Team


Matt Robbin


Do you follow a specific design process while routesetting?

No, I let the holds do the thinking… Seriously though, for the most part I feel it's best not to overthink things. When setting I look for a spark. Some inspiration to follow. It could be a hold or a wall angle that gets me thinking. Once I've set one move or one sequence the next option(s) presents itself and I follow that inspiration and so on. Not everyone sets this way, and some situations call for a plan so it's best to be well versed in both methods, but most of the time I prefer setting intuitively.

Is climbing emotional? How does that relate to your routesetting?

Yes, definitely yes. However, I think the type of emotion experienced depends on the climber. If the climber is interested in climbing primarily as a form of moving meditation and as a way to connect with nature, themselves and others, then they'll primarily experience positive emotions. However, that isn't to say there won't be the occasional fear or frustration. If a climber is interested in climbing as a sport and measures themselves against the goals they've set, then there's the possibility of disappointment and frustration if they fail to meet their goals. On the flip side, elation and satisfaction accompany success. But…the thing is, no matter what type of climber you are, the emotions experienced through climbing are ephemeral, so keep climbing!

(read in French accent) Most people think that the route setters are creating things out of plastic and plywood. This is not la vérité. Whenever I set, I aim to create emotion in the climber. Unfortunately, those emotions are most often the rage and the fear. ;)

What are your weaknesses in climbing?

Pretty much the only thing I don't lack is tenacity. What's Matt good at?…showing up.

What goes on during a forerunning session?

Typically the situation descends into a frenzy of insults, impact driver throwing, and ladder pulls. Jk... Forerunning is a collaborative climbing session where the setters focus on getting the desired movement and sequences out of each climb, as well as dialing in the difficulty of each climb. Sending isn't necessary. It's all about checking the moves.

Routesetting in five words... Go!

This life chose me. Best job I’ve ever had.