Your Community Just Got a Whole Lot Bigger!

As small, independently-owned and operated businesses, it is exciting to announce that the Whetstone community just got a whole lot bigger! Introducing the CLIMB Pass, a new benefit that gets you one free day pass every calendar month to facilities around the Front Range!

We collectively believe in adding as much benefit to your membership as possible. Here’s to growing our communities together – and thank you for being part of it!

The CLIMB Pass Community


Ascent Studio

Fort Collins


Gripstone Climbing & Fitness

Colorado Springs


Whetstone Climbing

Fort Collins

How To Use Your CLIMB Pass

When you arrive at any of these gyms, sign a waiver if you haven't yet, then let them know you're visiting with a CLIMB Pass and scan your Whetstone member scan card. The front desk team will quickly check that you're a current Whetstone member and you're all set! Any questions, just let us know!

The Fine Print


  • You must have an active, paid-in-full or recurring monthly membership at your home gym

  • While visiting another gym with a CLIMB Pass, you must adhere to each participating gym’s policies including:

    • Signing a waiver

    • Taking a belay test

    • Taking an auto belay orientation

    • Abiding by general facility rules (example: if the gym requires an assisted braking devices


  • Your home gym membership must be active (it cannot be frozen or terminated)
  • Your home gym membership may not have an outstanding balance
  • Trial memberships may be excluded at the discretion of your home gym
  • Membership perks from your home gym do not transfer (examples: member discounts on classes, rental equipment, or in the pro-shop)
  • Free entry to participating gyms is non-transferable
  • Gyms are often closed to the public a few days a year for a special event or holiday; be sure to check ahead of time that one of these events is not going on before your visit.