Upcoming Events


May 11, 2022 6pm

We're hosting another ping pong tournament at The Bivy and doubling the size to get more of you in on othe action! Come put your paddle skills to the test against the rest of the Whetstone community for a chance to win fame, glory, and some sweet climbing gear!

We’ve got prizes for the top three places and each competitor gets a Bivy beverage of their choice on the house. It's is free to enter and we’ve got plenty of paddles to borrow, just bring your A‑game.


May 19, 2022 6pm

Whetstone members, the biggest annual stoke fest in climbing is coming to Fort Collins on May 19th and you're officially invited. We're partnering with our friends at The Lyric Cinema to make this year's Reel Rock 16 premiere a night to remember. Show up early at the Lyric for a free members-only party on the patio! There will be live music, happy hour specials on food and drinks, and you'll have first dibs on the best lawn seats in the house.

This is a members-only event, but each member is welcome to bring a guest.

Sign up for the members-only party below, then head on over to The Lyric's website to get your Reel Rock ticket.


May 24, 2022 6pm

We're teaming up with the She Sends Collective for some great new meetups, events, and more. They're a Colorado-based organization that promotes equity in our climbing community by uplifting self-identifying women and other marginalized gender minorities with the resources to build community, educate, and empower, all centered around the one thing that connects us all: climbing.

Want to learn more? Join us on May 24th for the kickoff social event to hear from She Sends founder Chelsea Rude, shop some our favorite local women-owned businesses, win some awesome raffle prizes, and learn about upcoming new meetups and events.


May 26, 2022 6pm



May 31, 2022 6pm

Back by popular demand, we're bringing back Patch It, Don't Trash It night and adding more mending power! If you've got a favorite piece of clothing that's in need of some love, sign up below to get it mended for free by our incredible team of volunteers!

They can patch holes, hem, and repair/install new buttons for your favorite climbing clothes or even add patches to frayed areas before they’re worn through. If your down jacket has a rip, ditch the duct tape and patch that too! Does your backpack or gym bag have a torn strap? That can be mended as well.


Monthly Events


6pm - 8pm

Third Tuesday of every month

Dial in your nutrition with Rebecca Robbins, MS, RDN, SNS

Do you have questions about how the foods you eat affect your climbing? Want to nerd out on macro vs micronutrients? We've partnered with Rebecca Robbins, a Registered Dietitian to help! Reserve a spot to sit down and have your questions answered by a nutrition expert.

Rebecca joins us each month from 6:00 to 8:00 pm and is available for 20-minute consultations. Members may sign up as early as 2 weeks before the event.

Here are just some topics you can dig into:

  • Meal planning & prep
  • General nutrition to enhance climbing performance
  • Pre-workout snack ideas
  • Proper hydration and food consumption during and after a workout

Reservations are first-come, first served. Click below to reserve your spot. When you sign up for your first session, please...


6pm - 8pm

Re-charge after your session with a complimentary 15-minute massage from Anjani Visan Bodyworks, one of our amazing partners! Anjani offers this incredible member perk on the second Tuesday of every month. View the schedule below to check availability. These fill up fast!

Members can also schedule full massages with Anjani at her studio. Click here to contact her and learn more.

Massage Night Details:

  • This is a members-only perk.
  • Massages can be booked as soon as two weeks in advance.
  • We have lots of members and just 6 massage slots per month. Please sign-up a maximum of 1 time every 3 months. Thank you for sharing the wealth!

6pm - 8pm

First Tuesday of every month

All who identify as a woman are welcome to join us for Ladies Climb on the first Tuesday of every month. Each session will be led by a female member of the Whetstone staff. We'll kick things off each week with some quick intros, then everyone climbs! This is a great way to meet new belay partners. See you there!

No sign-up required, just show up ready for fun!


Second Wednesday of every month

Whether you're new to the area, returning from summer break, or just looking for a steady climbing partner, join us for our monthly meet-up to help you connect with other climbers.

No sign-up required, just show up ready to meet some great new folks!