Manage My Membership


Need to update your membership?

Our member change request form allows you to leave a comment, make changes to your membership, and freeze or terminate your membership. If you need assistance completing the form, please call the front desk at (970)795-8356.

Attention Monthly EFT Members: Change requests must be submitted by the 25th of the month to be processed before the next billing cycle. If your request is late, you will not be able to select the next month for your request.

Members can always freeze/terminate individually. Be sure to add all family members that apply to the request. Please use our ‘Include Additional Family Member’ button.

Freeze cost is $10 per member per month

All account balances must be paid in full before a freeze/termination request will be processed

When you’d like to unfreeze, stop by the front desk and let us know. You’ll owe prorated dues for the rest of the month.

Medical Freeze: If you need to pause your membership to recover from an injury or illness, send us proof and we can waive your freeze fee for 3 months. All proof submitted must have your full name and an approximate injury/illness date. Examples of acceptable proof include a doctor’s note, ER bill, x-ray, etc. Email your proof to