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It’s easy to feel frustrated and even a little bit lost when it comes to your personal health. Whether you’re experiencing a climbing plateau, battling an injury, or simply wanting support when it comes to your strength, mobility, and overall heath a personal trainer can catapult you to the next level. Our certified coaches will create a personal plan for you based on your needs whether it’s to build strength, improve your climbing, prevent injury, or just perform at your best while feeling your best.

Meet the Trainers


Ken Klein

If you’re looking for improve and work on your climbing technique, combined with movement, strength and flexibility, Ken is the right coach for you. Book a session with Ken and he’ll customize your program using:

  • Movement and strength training
  • Practice drills
  • Technique drills
  • Video analysis
  • Mental prep
  • Hangboard coaching
  • Weight training

Ken started coaching after being on a climbing plateau for years. The root of his problem was glaringly simple: he was continually going to the gym without any structure or knowledge on how to improve. After years of research and trial and error, he found that the way to progress was simple: focused sessions coupled with simple but effective training programs and supplemental exercises. He hopes to help climbers avoid the mistakes and solve the frustrations he has experienced.


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Climb Strong Certified Performance Coach

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Logan Whiting

Whether you are new to climbing and looking for help with technique, or you are an advanced climber preparing for a competition or an outdoor project, Logan can help you meet your climbing and fitness goals.

  • Movement fundamentals
  • Competition preparation
  • Mobility/flexibility training
  • Strength training for boulderers/route climbers
  • Mental training and strategies
  • Identifying and addressing movement compensations

Logan is a youth climbing coach and certified personal trainer who has been hooked on climbing ever since he discovered the sport 8 years ago. He was drawn to the way climbing encourages personal accountability unlike the traditional team sports he grew up playing. In climbing, your effort and ability alone is what determines the outcome. Throughout the years, learning how to train with efficiency and purpose has helped Logan achieve his climbing goals and realize new ones. Logan’s coaching style is evidence based, yet easy to follow and personalized to help you meet your own climbing or fitness goals.


  • N.A.S.M Certified Personal Trainer

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Jenna Hoffman

Jenna has worked with many different age groups to help develop their overall health and wellness goals. Since it is her desire and passion to promote and encourage healthy lifestyle she is excited to be part of the Whetstone fitness team! Jenna offers a free 30-minute first session for personal training or nutrition counseling!

Jenna Hoffman, originally from Vermont, lived in Tennessee working as a Nutritionist and Trainer at a weight loss resort. Jenna attended the University of Bridgeport in CT where she was a four-year collegiate athlete, majoring in Health Sciences with a concentration in Nutrition as well as minoring in Human Services and Psychology. She then continued her education at UB receiving her Masters in Human Nutrition. Since then, she has received her Personal Trainer Certification through the NSCA along with many other certifications.


  • NSCA, Certified Personal Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition, Level 1 Certified
  • TRX, Suspension Trainer Certified
  • FMT RockTape, Basic and Advanced Kinesiology Taping Certified
  • FMT RockTape, Movement and Advanced Movement Specialist Certified
  • FMT RockTape, Blades and Advanced Blades IASTM Certified
  • FMT RockTape, Mobility Specialist Certified
  • FMT RockTape, RockPods Myofascial Cupping Certified
  • FMT RockTape, RockFloss Compression Band Flossing Certified
  • Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED, Accredited by American Red Cross

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Carly Cain

Carly is passionate about helping you get stronger, improving your mobility, and upping your mental game. She welcomes all levels of athletes who are dedicated to reaching their goals. She will work hard to ensure your success by using a wide array of tools, several of which are:

  • Red Point Tactics and Mental Preparation
  • Training Programming with Nonlinear Periodization
  • Mobility with Integrative Training
  • Movement Analysis with Corrective Exercises/Drills
  • Strength Training and Hangboarding
  • Optimizing Performance for those with Chronic Conditions
  • Transitions: Indoor to Outdoor

Carly is a high-level climber who is passionate about her sport. Guiding and personal climbing have taken her all over the world, from rock to ice to snow, and she enjoys all these various facets of climbing. Carly has been climbing since 2007 and is based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

She did her Undergraduate studies in Boulder, Colorado, where she finished her degree between working trips to India and Nepal. The last expedition she guided was on Denali in 2018. Not long after this trip, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She threw herself back into rock climbing and found she needed more specific guidance on how to train herself as someone with a chronic disease.

Training for climbing has since impacted her life tremendously, both as an athlete and as someone with Multiple Sclerosis. Working under Steve Bechtel and the Climb Strong team has given her the opportunity to keep learning, to keep growing- as a coach and as a climber.

Carly's own successes with training have influenced her to share her knowledge with others, and to encourage people: no matter what their body’s limitations are - there is always a way forward.


  • N.A.S.M Certified Personal Trainer
  • Performance Climbing Coach (PCC) Certificate
  • American Mountain Guide Association AMGA- RGA Certification

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