Welcome to Whetstone

Whetstone is a world-class indoor climbing facility and Northern Colorado’s largest and newest climbing gym. You’ll find over 20,000 square-feet of climbing, a fitness center, yoga studio, childcare, and The Bivy, a one-of-a-kind cafe serving local beers and wines. We provide youth and adult climbing instruction, five auto-belays, top rope and lead climbing, and bouldering.

Covid-19 Policy Changes

As you may already know, Larimer County is now Level Red on Colorado’s Dial Framework. Due to this, we have had to implement some changes.

We can now only have 50 customers in our facility at one time (10% of our standard capacity of 500). We will also now be requiring reservations at all times, and reservations are only available for members and punch holders (this includes 7 Days of Sending passholders). We will not be allowing members to make reservations for guest passes at this time. If there is space available in a time slot, we will gladly welcome guests and day pass holders as walk-ins. This was a tough decision for us to make, but we are grateful for the opportunity to stay open to allow our wonderful community to continue climbing.

Since our capacity is now 50 people total, we would like to ensure that you’re able to get in and climb, and reservations will help us (and you!) with this. Reservations will be for 2-hour slots, and our hours will remain unchanged. Our team/programs are excluded from the 50-total count, and more information will be sent out to parents shortly.

The gym will be divided into 5 zones; when you are climbing, please ensure that no more than 10 people are in each zone. This will allow us to be as safe as possible, and distribute climbers evenly throughout the facility. With our limited capacity, each climber at the gym will have 600 square feet of space to themself during their session! The zone map is shown below, and will also be posted around the gym. There will also be floor markings to show the borders of each zone.

To ensure that our capacity never exceeds the 50-person mark, Yoga/Fitness and instruction classes must be reserved at the gym or over the phone after you reserve your climbing session for that time, and they are first come, first serve.

Upon arrival for your climbing session, please keep socially distant, and be respectful and patient since there could be a small wait (5 mins or so) while we check folks in. Please remember to check out when you leave.

Updated Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 6AM – 10PM
Saturday – Sunday: 9AM – 8PM


The Bivy is temporarily CLOSED 

Gym Updates

As stoked as we are to welcome everyone back, there will be few changes. Here are some of our new policies.

PPE Required

Reservations Required

Limited Capacity

Increased Cleaning

We have also updated our waiver to include conditions about Covid-19 and as such, everyone will be required to fill out a new waiver, regardless of previous waiver status.

Please fill out our new waiver prior to your first visit to the facility.


It’s what we do.

 Climbing makes us tick. We dream, obsess, sweat, bleed, fail, and triumph through climbing.  We are dedicated, prideful folks, grateful for climbing and always eager to share our passion for the sport. Why? Because it’s an infinite source of what life is fundamentally about: Connecting.


It’s why we climb.

We climb to connect because connections are essential to life. Every time we lace-up, we climb to connect and harmonize with our minds, bodies, friends, and the natural world. These connections can be subtle or overwhelming but all of them are powerful and transforming.


It’s who we are.

Community is the sum of the connections we make. We strengthen and grow our community through experiencing the common thread of climbing. Ultimately, Whetstone’s vision is to share the wealth of the climbing experience which changes lives, for good.

Orientation Video

A great overview of our safety rules and tips! Required to be watched by anyone in the facility

VisionTo share the wealth of the climbing experience which changes lives, for good.

Mission: To foster climbing, connecting, and community. 

Values: Gratitude, Dedication, Pride, and Innovation.