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In the interest of the climbing community, Whetstone is temporarily closed. 

While we’re not currently able to provide a space for climbing and community, you can still purchase punch passes and gift cards online!

Gift cards can be used for day passes, rentals, classes, membership dues, and more!

Your support in these difficult times means a lot. A punch pass or gift card purchased today can help us be as strong as possible when we welcome you back!

Here are just a few comments that were sent our way in the past few weeks:

The only thing left to say, once again, is thank you. We can’t wait to see you all soon!

Standard Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 6AM – 10PM
Saturdays: 9AM – 8PM
Sundays: 9AM – 6PM

The Bivy Hours
Monday – Friday: 5PM – 9PM
Saturdays: 12PM-8PM
Sundays: Closed

With over 20,000 square-feet of climbing; ~2,000 square-feet of fitness; The Bivy Cafe serving complimentary coffee, local beer, wine, and food;  yoga, child care, and physical therapy… we think you’ll like it here. All these offerings and more managed by our team provide a customer experience, second to none.


It’s what we do.

 Climbing makes us tick. We dream, obsess, sweat, bleed, fail and triumph through climbing.  We are dedicated, prideful folks, grateful for climbing and always eager to share our passion for the sport. Why? Because it’s an infinite source of what life is fundamentally about: Connecting.


It’s why we climb.

We climb to connect since connections are essential to life. Every time we lace-up, we climb to connect and harmonize with our minds, bodies, friends and the natural world. These connections can be subtle or overwhelming but all of them are powerful and transforming.


It’s who we are.

Community is the sum of the connections we make. We strengthen and grow our community through experiencing the common thread of climbing. Ultimately, Whetstone’s vision is to share the wealth of the climbing experience which changes lives, for good.

Orientation Video

A great overview of our safety rules and tips! Required to be watched by anyone in the facility

VisionTo share the wealth of the climbing experience which changes lives, for good.

Mission: To foster climbing, connecting and community. 

Values: Gratitude, Dedication, Pride and Innovation.