Meet Our Team


Derek Berger

Maintenance & IT Manager / Front Desk Supervisor

Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do in the gym?

Hello! I am Derek Berger, hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, here to make you laugh at the front desk when you check in. I also fix things on occasion, so be sure to meet me so I can fix things that you might need fixing. You can usually find me building something, eating something, drinking something, or climbing something.

Have any projects? Climbing or Non-Climbing?

I really enjoy plants and hope to soon have a hydro/aeroponics setup in a home-built greenhouse?? What?? So pumped. Come over and check it out once it’s built!

How did you get involved with the gym?

How did I get here? I dunno. Mostly just been surfing along a wave of opposing opportunities that bring me different places and have found a way to make it work wherever I am. I’ve lived in Ohio, Denver, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and now Fort Collins. Please subscribe to my friendship to learn more!

What’s a low-key flex you can boast about?

I’m glad you’ve made it this far in this short bio, it means you either really want to know about me or you are super, super bored at 3am. So here are some exclusive fun facts for the true fans: I am 5’2” and yes I use it as an excuse for not climbing harder. I have not gotten a haircut since September of 2020. I drive an Orange Subaru Crosstrek like everybody else in Colorado.

What has climbing taught you?

Thanks for asking. I think the main thing I've learned from climbing is that people aren't ALL bad and really just want to hang out (maybe not with me, but definitely other people).

Climbing in five words... Go!

Wow, I'm bad at this.

Favorite climbing style?

You can find me climbing just about anything...even radio towers! Don't tell my mom. But, I think sport climbing is my favorite, I just love the view at the top. And spending entire paychecks on gear and travel expenses. 👍