Membership Terms

Annual Membership Terms

I/We understand that the term of this contract is one (1) year. This is a contract, and it will become legally binding when signed. By signing, you certify that you've read the contract and understand your obligations under it. This Agreement shall be interpreted, construed, and enforced in accordance with Colorado law. Whetstone Climbing (Whetstone) shall establish classifications of memberships and may add, delete, modify, or otherwise change such classifications and related privileges of membership as it deems necessary. Any person of good character is eligible to become a Member and is expected to abide by all rules and regulations set forth by Whetstone. Membership shall not be granted or denied based on race, color, creed, religion, or national origin nor shall any aspect of such matters ever be made a condition of membership. Whetstone reserves the right to restrict or close the facility to or for special events, private parties' maintenance or other activities.

A member may be expelled by Whetstone for a violation of any Whetstone regulation, or any conduct which in the opinion of Whetstone is prejudicial to its welfare, good order, character, and reputation. A member may also be expelled by Whetstone if they negatively impact another customer's experience, is intoxicated, belligerent or is involved with criminal acts inside or outside of Whetstone. An expelled Member is not entitled to a refund for any dues (except a pro-rated portion of dues equivalent to remainder of the contract term). No person whose membership has been canceled by Whetstone shall be allowed to enter Whetstone via a non-member entrance fee.

Membership entitles Member(s) to unlimited use of the Facility for the specified date range, unless limitations are otherwise documented in this agreement, by paying a full year of dues at the time of enrollment.

Membership dues payments are non-transferable and non-refundable, except as stipulated the Notice of Consumer Rights or by Colorado Consumer law. You have the right to rescind this contract with in 3 business days after receipt of a copy of this contract for a full refund, less a prorated fee for days of actual use. Within the 3-business period you must notify Whetstone with an email at or mail.

Member(s) may request that the entire membership account be placed on hold in one (1) month increments. There is a ten ($10) per month fee for a membership account freeze due in advance. Accounts with more than one member must be frozen in entirely, not by member.

On Account Purchases: I acknowledge and agree to permit Whetstone to process payment for all purchases place on account via my selected billing option.

Monthly Membership Terms

On Account Purchases & Billing Discrepancies: I agree to pay for any/all purchases placed on my account via the billing option contained herein. It is the member's responsibility to notify Whetstone of any billing discrepancies within 60 days. Dues more than 60 days old are non-refundable.

Notice of Consumer Rights: You have the right to rescind this contract within (3) three business days after receipt of a copy of this contract for a full refund, less a prorated fee for the days of actual use. Within the (3) three-day period you must notify Whetstone in writing. Written notification must be delivered in person, by electronic mail, or by mail bearing a postmark from the Postal Service if mailed and shall be postmarked by midnight of the third business day.

Membership Provisions & Classifications: Family Memberships - couples and their children under 18 qualify for a family membership. Family memberships have a maximum of 2 persons over the age of 18, and children must be financially dependent minors. Anyone that is NOT a married couple, or domestic partner must provide proof of shared residence via IDs or lease.

Student/Military/Seniors/Corporate/Teachers/First Responders - must provide current class schedule, military ID card, proof of age, or proof of employment.

Liability and Miscellaneous Provisions: This agreement will be enforced and interpreted in accordance with Colorado law.

Cancellations & Freezes: Members may cancel at any point during their contract AFTER the (1) month term of the first billing cycle. Cancellations must be written and delivered, or mailed electronically, (5) five days before the next billing cycle. Members are terminated/cancelled for failure to pay monthly dues after 60 days will not be permitted entrance through any of the following means: A. the use of another member's guest pass B. paying for a single or multi-visit pass. Members must bring their account current to use the facility and shall not be issued a refund for failing to cancel their membership through previously aforementioned means. Members are permitted to freeze their membership for a fee of ($10) per month. Notice to freeze must be provided to Whetstone, by electronic mail, (5) five days before the next billing cycle. Freezes will begin on the 1st of the month for a (30) thirty-day period.

Facility Closures: Whetstone reserves the right to close the facility for special events, competitions, seminars, maintenance, or any activity deemed necessary.

I authorize Whetstone to charge payment for monthly dues and any special charges by drafting the credit card on file at Whetstone. I understand that this is (1) one monthly payment and payments will continue automatically and remain in effect on month-to-month basis until Whetstone has been notified in writing, or by email, within (5) five business days of the NEXT billing cycle. (5 days before the first of the month) This is a contract and will be legally binding upon signing. Please read all conditions set forth. By signing, you agree that you both understand and agree to the conditions set forth. Member understands and agrees if payment is not received for any reason from the credit card on file at Whetstone, Member is still liable to Whetstone for all amounts due.