Meet Our Team


Ryan Guzinski

Head Summer Camp Instructor / Youth Coach

Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do in the gym?

My name is Ryan!

I am from Rockland County, NY and I’m the head summer camp counselor and youth program coach.

When not a Whetstone, where might we find you?

Moving on rocks or listening to CDs

A favorite non-climbing activity?


What are you most stoked about these days?

Getting stronger and improving my footwork through bard bouldering!

Have any projects? Climbing or Non-Climbing?

Mini Dagger, a roofy lowball in Wild Basin

How did you get involved with the gym?

I was approached by an incredible staff member about coaching while climbing in the gym one day

Best thing about FoCo / NoCo:

The High concentration of climbers and cool peeps!

What’s a low-key flex you can boast about?

I make semi-cool tie-dye tees

Favorite spot to recreate in.

The greater Yellowstone area for hiking, RMNP for climbing

How does climbing foster community?

I think climbing fosters community through a shared passion for improvement, connection, and movement.

What has climbing taught you?

To stay present, keep an open mind, and be kind!

Climbing in five words... Go!

Like a box of chocolates. . .

Favorite climbing style?

Limit boulders and trad adventures.