Meet Our Team


Matt Birch

Head Routesetter

Do you follow a specific design process while routesetting?

I would say that I don't have a set process. Sometimes I think of something the day before that I would like to set. Mostly just a move. How I get to that move and how I leave it? I don't know yet. Most of the time I look at the area I have to set and will see an angle change or shape and then find one hold that fits there. The whole climb takes shape from that. A lot of the process is about creating feelings. The satisfaction of getting your body into the right position to do the move.

How did you find climbing? Did you have a mentor?

I started climbing because I thought that I wanted to climb big mountains in the Alps and Himalaya. As soon as I started rock climbing, I lost all interest in wanting to climb big mountains. No, I didn't have any mentorship. I just went to the climbing shop with a friend and he bought a size 4 and 6 rock and I got a size 5 and 3. We went to the local quarry and climbed what we thought the gear would fit in.

Is climbing emotional?

Yes! It can be about facing your fears, Confronting your self worth. Are you good enough? You have to believe in yourself and your ability to get up a climb. The joy when you succeed, the sadness and frustration when you fail. Your emotional state can greatly affect your ability to complete a climb.

Who's making the best holds on the market these days?

The wood ones that I crafted on my board!!!!

What are some of your thoughts on grades?

That's a can of worms!