Meet Our Team


Elena Barajas

Youth Program Manager

Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do in the gym?

Hi, I'm Elena, I'm from Northern California, specifically Sonoma County; A magical place with redwood trees, amazing micro-breweries and coastal climbs.

In the gym you will find me bright and early in the morning at the front desk; Welcoming you in with a smile and freshly brewed coffee. You will also find me celebrating sweet sends with new friends at our community meet-up nights such as Ladies Climb and Pride Climb.

How did you get involved with the gym?

A year and half ago when I moved from California the first thing, I did was become a member here at Whetstone. I knew being new to Colorado where I didn’t know anyone that I would find a kind and welcoming community through climbing.

When not a Whetstone, where might we find you?

If I'm not at Whetstone, you will find me outside sport climbing, enjoying live music or hanging at a local brewery.

How does climbing foster community?

Climbing has brought so much joy into my life; I have found an inspiring community and it has strengthened my relationship with my mind, body and spirit.

What has climbing taught you?

Climbing has taught me to trust myself, push through self-doubt and that if I put in work, I can do things that I once thought were out of reach; proving to myself that my limits are far higher than I perceive them to be.

What are you most stoked about these days?

I am stoked that I am a part of expanding and deepening the connection of community through climbing here at whetstone. I am passionate about accessibility, equity and inclusion within the climbing community and beyond. Climbing is for everyBODY.

A favorite non-climbing activity?

My favorite non-climbing activity would be some other form of movement: I love trying new ways to move my body!

Climbing in 5 Words

Presence, Joy, Community, Empowerment and Rad