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Battleship Bounty 2022

January 29, 2022

The Battleship Bounty, Whetstone's elite-level bouldering comp, is back and bigger than ever! This all-day event will kick off our third anniversary weekend and it's guaranteed to be one heck of a show. We’re turning the setting team loose with over 200 brand new holds from Kilter and letting their imagination run wild. Buckle up, These boulders won’t be for the faint of heart. If you crush V6 for breakfast and want to tackle double-digit problems for a piece of the $5K purse, you’ll love what we have in store for you. Want to come watch the action? Come grab some food-truck grub and a frosty beverage from The Bivy (21+ of course) and check out the finals under the lights! Admission is free to everyone. You won't want to miss it.

Finals Results

Women's Finals

  1. Quinn Mason | Salt Lake City, UT
  2. Sienna Kopf | Salt Lake City, UT
  3. Adriene Clark | Centennial, CO
  4. Cloe Coscoy | Salt Lake City, UT
  5. Campbell Sarinopolous | Louisville, CO
  6. Alex Puccio | Boulder, CO

Men's Finals

  1. Ross Fulkerson | Salt Lake City, UT
  2. Daniel Martins | Colorado Springs, CO
  3. Derek New | Centennial, CO
  4. Jack Martinus | Fort Collins, CO
  5. Christopher Cosser | Salt Lake City, UT
  6. Max Caplan | Boulder, CO

Qualifying Round Results

Female Qualifiers

CompetitorCombinedAttemptsOverall Rank
Alex Puccio6600171
Cloe Coscoy5900202
Quinn Mason5700173
Sienna Kopf5400144
Campbell Sarinopoulos5000125
Adriene Clark5000126
Paloma Slowik490097
Ellery Osborne4800138
Ava Walsh4700129
Ashley Fisher46001910
Claire Larson46002511
Anika Shoemaker4000812
Alexandra Inghilterra40001113
Emelie Sprague40001214
Lauren Smith40001915
Norah Small40002616
Rosario Cornell3600817
Tessa Clark33001218
Nicole Miswell31001219
Tate Jennings30001020
Isabella Orner29002021
Kylie Szilagyi2600622
Rachael Stark2600923
Chloe Dodd26001124
Alexa Schehrer2300925
Naomi Stevens19001726
Anna Castro12001427
Charlotte Bokhof220328

Male Qualifiers

CompetitorCombinedAttemptsOverall Rank
Ross Fulkerson9,00091
Max Caplan9,000172
Daniel Martins9,000203
Chris Cosser9,000284
Derek New8,700105
Jack Martinus8,500126
Samuel Hsin8,500187
Roy Quanstrom8,10088
Ilias Hosain8,000119
Tanner Bauer7,9002010
Chase Martinez7,8001211
Ben Polanco7,200912
Nathan Sato7,0001113
Gabe Krzykwa7,0001514
Matthew Sherman6,8001515
Samuel Peccoud6,4002016
Sebastian Infantes6,2002317
Keith North6,1001118
Chase McDonald6,1001819
Dawson Bauer5,8002420
Franklin Woodard5,400621
Owen DeJohn5,400822
Samuel Dorsey5,0001623
Adam Scheer4,6002524
Logan Antrobus4,400625
Andrey Lototskiy4,4001126
Calvin Meymaris4,000927
Parker Murdock3,7001528
Steven Davis3,2003129
Anders Hastings3,1001030
Kepler Worobec3,000631
Caleb Winters3,0001032
Dakota Elliot2,9001133
Christopher Deuto2,800534
Alex Johnson2,800835
Tyler Faust2,4001036
Reid Hampton1,900538
Cooper Bradley1,900739
Brayden Batcheller1,500140
Aiden Gloyd1,500441
Spencer Harsh1,5001142
Evan Moore1,000843
Sam Hinerfeld700144
Futa Shinkawa6001345
Mckinley Russell200146
Andrew Valenti200147
Gregory Meymaris200248