Route Setter

Ben is a Bay Area native who hails from Oakland California, where he fell in love with climbing 22 years ago. He has been working in climbing gyms since the age of sixteen.  For the past twelve years he has been a staple on the Touchstone Setting team. \Ben loves all aspects of Routesetting, and finds great joy in teaching technique and movement to climbers. His ultimate goal is for climbers to be able to take away something new each time they climb one his routes or boulders. In addition to his year as a commercial setter, Ben is a USAC Level 2 Route setter, and has set for many youth regional and divisional comps.  If he’s not in the gym training or setting, you’ll likely find him hanging out with his amazing wife and daughter, most often riding bikes or reading comics. Oh yeah, and this guy is one talented climber!


Blayke is from Lexington, KY but also lived in Tacoma, WA for 5 years before moving to Fort Collins in 2016. She was able to climb from the southeast to the PNW and all the great places in between. Besides climbing, Blayke loves food, stupid movies, being outside, and hanging out with her husband and dog. She is always psyched and a great addition to the team!

Community Outreach Manager

Carly is our Community Outreach Manager, she is focused on community events at Whetstone and she does the social media! Her love for climbing started when she was back in high school in Fort Collins, CO where she felt that the climbing community was her second family. She climbed on the Front Range for years before living in Nepal, India and East Africa, where she started mountaineering. She has guided on mountains such as Kilimanjaro, as well as Denali, and is an Apprentice AMGA Rock Guide.  Carly most recently started an outdoor climbing mentorship program for younger climbers. She believes that sharing climbing ethics with the younger generation is essential to climbing and the climbing community. After guiding and working in over 10 countries over the past eight years, she finally found herself back home in Fort Collins, where she can’t wait to work closely with the climbing community and feel that sense of ‘family’ once again.

Retail Buyer and Accounts Payable Manager

Joey is our Retail Buyer and Accounts Payable Manager. After college, Joey relocated to Colorado to explore the outdoors and shortly thereafter found climbing. When he decided to leave his desk job, it was only natural that he found working at a climbing gym to be the perfect balance between his love for number crunching and the challenges found in climbing. Joey is most excited to meet the Whetstone community and build a ‘home away from home’ feel that only a climbing gym can create.


Front Desk Shift Supervisor

Originally a Texas native, Josh found his way to the wonderful town of Fort Collins in 2012 and quickly began pursuing his passion for climbing. He has spent time in all climbing disciplines and has worked as a guide, however; he has happily found his favorite style to be bouldering, specifically spending long days in the alpine at Rocky Mountain National Park repeating his favorite lines for the 100th time or getting humbled on new projects.
Expanding his climbing family is also one of Josh’s passions.  He loves meeting and conversing with new climbers at the crag and enjoys hearing about other people’s passions and goals; even if you only see him once a year he will likely remember you and be excited to hear about how you’ve been since. Outside of climbing, Josh is pursuing a degree at CSU and has recently taken up winter sports.

Personal Climbing Coach and Trainer

Ken is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, Climb Strong Certified Performance Coach, and Northern Colorado Climber’s Coalition Board Member.  His climbing travels have brought him all over the world from the amazing limestone walls of Spain and Mexico to the expansive boulder fields of the Rocklands of South Africa.

He has coached and instructed rock climbing in every capacity: from youth teams to accredited college courses. His passion for coaching is matched by his ability to connect with climbers of all levels.
Ken is constantly evolving as a climber; and whether he is repeating a climb in Rocky Mountain National Park, or working on a project 9,000 miles away, he is always learning to look more closely at himself and his own climbing, while consistently trying hard and having fun.

Yoga Instructor, E-RYT 200, RYT 500

Lasha has been practicing yoga since 2010 and teaching professionally since 2013. She fell in love with this life practice as a way to deeply connect, explore, harmonize, balance and nourish herself. She teaches yoga to inspire well-being and to share the joy of this mind, body and heart practice. Lasha is most passionate about teaching gentle hatha, yin and restorative yoga classes and often weaves threads of yogic philosophy and nature inspired wisdom into her classes. She has enjoyed working with a diversity of students and skill levels age 5 to 95. Lasha loves guiding students through conscious breathing and mindful movement by cultivating body awareness, presence and surrender of life’s daily tensions.

Youth Program Coordinator

Sarah is a Colorado native who started climbing 5 years ago with her high school’s climbing team and quickly grew to love the sport. She began working in a climbing gym shortly after joining the team, and is passionate about spreading the joy of climbing to those in her community. When she’s not climbing, she’s working towards her degree at Colorado State University, hiking around Colorado, or listening to Harry Styles.

HR/Bivy manager

Sarah embodies the qualities that we love in our Fort Collins community, and has been someone very moved by her own climbing experiences. Climbing could not have come to Sarah at a more perfect time in her life, where a big move to the tundra of Winnipeg with her husband, left her grateful for the comradery and community that climbing naturally created. She found herself in awe of everything that climbing had to offer. At Whetstone, Sarah’s main purpose is to help impact others through climbing, the way it has impacted her.


Although Scott isn’t great at writing bios, he makes up for it with his +3 ape index, which could explain his love for setting big moves. This guy is from Leavensworth, KS originally, but met his beautiful wife while in the Navy over in Italy. He also has an adorable daughter, Maire. He has dubbed himself “Scotty the Hotty” and has been climbing for over 13 years. He signs all of his routes “Mouse” in the gym, but you will have to ask him why yourself.

Managing Director

Seth Murphy is the Managing Director, and we are truly excited for everything he will do! His rich experience in the climbing industry started in 1996, working at Hudson Trail Outfitters in Annapolis, Maryland. Climbing has taken a few different forms for him, from guiding in South America and Asia, to working at the late Mountain Shop in Fort Collins, CO. Seth has been the Director for the Mid-Atlantic Earth Treks in Northern Baltimore as well as for the Golden, CO location; he also helped open the most recent (and largest) Earth Treks in Englewood. Seth is excited to bring his passion for all things climbing to Whetstone, and looks forward to being able to give-back to the community that has done so much for him and his family.

Assistant Director

Introducing one of our Assistant Directors, Tilde Bombarado M.! Tilde is one amazing woman, wife, and mother, who’s experience with climbing started when she was 12 years old, living in Naples, Italy. Her love for climbing comes from the community that she finds in the outdoor realm; meeting others with a common passion, and climbing in places where she can also focus on being a mom at the same time. Tilde wants to bring that same sense of community to Whetstone. She loves coaching and her experience is extensive, she is going to do amazing things… and we can’t wait!

Marketing and Design Manager

TJ hails from Nashville, TN where he was introduced to climbing in high school, on his first date with his future wife. Talk about a great day at the gym; this clearly showed him the power of the community at climbing gyms, and how a strong climbing community can be truly life-changing! He has been in Colorado for 5 years and has been doing graphic design and illustration.  He is an amazing artist and creates some beautiful climbing-centric work. We couldn’t be more stoked to have such a warm, creative, and sincere guy who will work with our members and guests everyday.