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It’s easy to feel frustrated and even a little bit lost when it comes to your personal health. Whether you’re experiencing a climbing plateau, battling an injury, or simply wanting support when it comes to your strength, mobility, and overall heath a personal trainer can catapult you to the next level. Our certified coaches will create a personal plan for you based on your needs whether it’s to build strength, improve your climbing, prevent injury, or just perform at your best while feeling your best. 

Meet the Trainers


My love for climbing has instilled in me a passion for helping people reach their full potential and I look forward to helping you invest in your climbing future today!

– Ken Klein 

Ken Klein

If you’re looking for improve and work on your climbing technique, combined with movement, strength and flexibility, Ken is the right coach for you. Book a session with Ken and he’ll customize your program using:  

  • Movement and strength training 
  • Practice drills 
  • Technique drills 
  • Video analysis 
  • Mental prep 
  • Hangboard coaching 
  • Weight training 

Ken started coaching after being on a climbing plateau for years. The root of his problem was glaringly simple: he was continually going to the gym without any structure or knowledge on how to improve. After years of research and trial and error, he found that the way to progress was simple: focused sessions coupled with simple but effective training programs and supplemental exercises. He hopes to help climbers avoid the mistakes and solve the frustrations he has experienced.  


NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Climb Strong Certified Performance Coach 

Contact Ken to discuss pricing options and a personalized plan for you.

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We have lost our ability to efficiently and powerfully move through open space. Our sedentary lifestyles and poor nutrition has increased our risk for metabolic disease and chronic pain. Let’s learn how to move again with dynamic functional programming that will bring out the powerful athlete that is within all of us, no matter the age, ability level, existing chronic issues, or starting point.

-Matthew W. Mosebar 

Matt Mosebar

If you are looking to a more powerful, efficient, and functional individual so that you can feel good and succeed in the activities you love, Matt can get you there. He is a personal trainer focused on strength, movement, and overall health. He does not include the climbing wall in his training or climbing technique.  

  • Weight training 
  • Cardio
  • Stretching
  • HIIT
  • Functional training

Matt has been a Performance Coach for over 15 years. Playing collegiate football at UCLA, he discovered his passion for human performance while he was a student athlete looking to gain a competitive edge in a fiercely competitive playing field. Matt has worked youth, collegiate, professional, and Olympic level athletes throughout Southern California. He has also managed, directed, and provided professional education within high end health clubs and sports performance facilities throughout Los Angeles. He now works with high schools, sports clubs, and individuals, providing sports performance programs, training, advisory work, and educational seminars relating to human performance.   



N.S.C.A. Certified Personal Trainer
Kettlebell Certified
F.R.C. certified (Functional Range Conditioning 

Contact Matt to discuss pricing options and a personalized plan for you.

logan reduced

Logan Whiting

Whether you are new to climbing and looking for help with technique, or you are an advanced climber preparing for a competition or an outdoor project, Logan can help you meet your climbing and fitness goals.

  • Movement fundamentals
  • Competition preparation
  • Mobility/flexibility training
  • Strength training for boulderers/route climbers
  • Mental training and strategies
  • Identifying and addressing movement compensations

Logan is a youth climbing coach and certified personal trainer who has been hooked on climbing ever since he discovered the sport 8 years ago. Logan was drawn to the way climbing encourages personal accountability unlike the traditional team sports he grew up playing. In climbing, your effort and ability alone is what determines the outcome. Throughout the years, learning how to train with efficiency and purpose has helped Logan achieve his climbing goals and realize new ones. Logan’s coaching style is evidence based, yet easy to follow and personalized to help you meet your own climbing or fitness goals



N.A.S.M Certified Personal Trainer

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