Meet Our Team


Scott Moore

Head Route Setter

Scott started climbing in 2006 in Napoli, Italy where he was stationed as a Corpsmen at a Naval Hospital. He learned the ropes from a group of SAR climbers and has climbed around the world ever since, from California to Croatia, Germany, France, Spain, and a few spots in Eastern Europe. After moving back to the US, Scott started working in the rock climbing industry at City Rock. While at City Rock, he set for multiple USA climbing competition as well as the SOCO Loco comps City Rock put on. Since coming to Whetstone he has been extremely psyched on the facility, team and community that has come together here!

  • Setter Name: Mouse
  • Ape Index: +2
  • Favorite Route/Boulder: Nipote di Goldrake ( V7)
  • Favorite Setting Tunes: 90’s Rap (the real stuff)