Throne of the Stone 2021


Throne of the Stone 2021

October 23, 2021 6pm

It's baaaack! We are happy to announce our second edition of the Throne of the Stone Climbing Competition Series!

Come compete in a fun and friendly community environment! We'll have some sweet prizes for the top scores and each competitor will be entered in a raffle. Sign up below and we’ll even throw in one free beer! Get the highest score to claim your throne!

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Youth Female Category

  1. Jocelyn Limbaugh
  2. Nora Fischer
  3. Isabelle Reyman

Youth Male Category

  1. Mitchell Boyer
  2. Vincent Boyle
  3. Brady Sluyter

Adult Female Category

  1. Stephanie Celommi
  2. Libby Dykstra
  3. Jordan Tanbuttan

Adult Male Category

  1. Jack Martinus
  2. Ben Polanco
  3. Russell Boyer

Masters Female Category

  1. Michelle Powers
  2. Janel Moore
  3. Jin Boyer

Masters Male Category

  1. Bert Honea
  2. Kurt Taylor
  3. Brad Schlagenhauf

Throne Of The Stone Royalty

Stephanie Celomni

Jack Martinus